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Instructional Media Update

What is Instructional Media?

This service offers resources that correlate with the New York State and Next Generation Learning Standards in all content areas. Easy online access is offered for digital streaming videos, as well as for borrowing print text sets and JackDaw primary source collections.

The Capital Region BOCES Instructional Media Library Includes:

  • Digital text sets, audiobooks, and more through IML Advantage Account (OverDrive) 
  • Copyright-compliant viewing of feature-length films through Swank K-12 Motion Pictures (new March 2021)
  • Jackdaws – Collections of primary source documents
  • Text Sets (Formerly Known as Literature Boxes)- Class sets (30 - 35 copies) of books covering a wide variety of topics
  • Streaming Videos through Learn 360

The collection can be accessed and reserved online through the [new catalog soon] For a free 30 day, district-wide trial and pricing information contact the Becky

New Material Requests

If you or anyone in your district has a suggestion for a Text Set to be added to the Instructional Media Collection, please contact the Instructional Media Team. We regularly review program materials. 

For digital book requests for our IML Advantage account through OverDrive, please complete this form.

Lost and Damaged Materials

If a book has been lost or damaged while out in your district, please let us know! We ask that you let us know so that we can keep up-to-date numbers on our collection. We re-order items that have become damaged or lost as needed.

Please Click Here For The Courier Request Form


Swank K-12 Streaming provides faculty of IML-subscribing districts to use full-length feature films for teaching in a legal, copyright-compliant manner. Teachers can request films be added to the base library of 250 films; students have access only through links assigned to specific films.