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The Capital Region BOCES School Library System

Provides resources to all schools within our component districts at no charge.  

Schools taking advantage of these resources must be in compliance with the Commissioner's regulations for school libraries.

SLS Resources

America’s Historical Newspapers provides primary sources from hundreds of historical US papers dated 1690 to 2000. (Grades 7-12)

Access World News is a comprehensive resource that includes a variety of news publications worldwide. (Recommended for Grades 6-12)

News-O-Matic EDU is an educational daily news experience for elementary and middle school students.  This database inspires children to become habitual readers of the news and well-informed global citizens.  A new edition is published every Monday through Friday afternoon.

NoodleTools promotes best research practices and inquiry learning.  NoodleTools features integrated tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.

Please register first under New User Registration/Subscription type.


PK Science helps students gather, describe, and use information to understand the natural and designed world. Comprised of curriculum-correlated content, PK Science promotes STEM education, Next Generation Science, digital literacy, and 21st-century learning skills while offering research, report, and homework help.

Extensive library of a wide variety of music, audio themes, and sound effects for grades K-12 and universities to ensure your copyright safety. Perfect for podcasts, videos, news shows, video yearbooks, digital storytelling, TV broadcasts, web design, and so much more.  #1 Royalty-Free Music Company for schools.

TeachingBooks provides original, in-studio movies of authors and illustrators and a wealth of multimedia resources on K-12 books that generate enthusiasm for books and reading.

E-Books Collections Available To You

Rosen Digital publishes award-winning K-12 nonfiction; eBooks and Interactive eBooks powered by the new epointplus enhanced reading experience; apps, games, and interactive databases. All are tablet, smartphone, and Chromebook compatible and are aligned to state, national, provincial, STEM, and Common Core standards. Empower all students to Explore, Learn, and Create with Rosen learning solutions.

Our region currently has access to: 

  • Animal Superpowers (new!)
  • CyberSmarts 
  • Energy Everywhere
  • Pioneer Spirit: The Westward Expansion
  • Powerkids Readers: American Symbols (new!)
  • Science Tools (new!)
  • Speed Machines
  • Spotlight on Ancient Civilization: Egypt
  • Spotlight on Ancient Civilization: Greece
  • Spotlight on Ancient Civilization: Rome
  • Spotlight on Coding and Computer Science
  • Spotlight on Civic Action
  • Spotlight on Civil Rights Movement
  • Spotlight on Global Issues
  • Spotlight on Kids Can Code
  • Spotlight on New York
  • Spotlight on Social and Emotional Learning
  • Spotlight on The Rise and Fall of Ancient Chinese Civilizations
  • Spotlight on The Rise and Fall of Ancient Indian Civilizations
  • Spotlight on The Rise and Fall of Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations  
  • Spotlight on Weather and Natural Disasters
  • Stand Up: Bullying Prevention
  • Teen CyberSmarts
  • What Really Happened?

If you are interested in other topics, let us know. You can also purchase them for your individual school districts too. You can view their catalog here

Lightbox Learning's mission is to create high-quality, curriculum-aligned classroom and library solutions that empower educators and inspire students. SLS provides over Three-hundred and nineteen (319) interactive, simultaneous use titles for grades K-12!


Lightbox K-5 274 titles (6-12 removed) 

Lightbox K-12 319 titles 

Gale eBook student collections focus on curriculum-aligned topics, social and emotional learning, equality and more. The Gale eBooks homepage allows users to either browse by subject or search the full catalog. The search results reveal relevant content at the article and chapter levels for ease of finding information. The HTML article-view provides an easy browsing experience. Integrated directly into the user’s workflow formatted citations can be exported to a variety of services and platforms.

  • Beyond primary or K-12 eBooks, you can explore content within our latest professional development collections!

Educator PD Collections

  • Make professional learning less of a balancing act, with digital professional development (PD). From virtual learning to literacy instruction, these eBook collections offer educators ongoing professional development that’s personalized, job-embedded, and tied to evaluations.

Over 6,000 web-hosted eBooks offer curriculum-based, high-interest fiction and nonfiction content that meets with national and state curriculum standards, as well as Common Core standards. Featuring 24/7 unlimited simultaneous access and iPad, Android tablet, smartphone, and Chromebook compatibility for use anytime, anywhere, epointplus is the BEST eBook solution! Individual accounts allow for users to save their work with notebook features such as making freehand drawings, creating reminders, taking notes, and highlighting text passages.

Our region currently has access to:

Kids Can Code Bundle

  • Understanding Coding with Ruby
  • Understanding Coding with Hopscotch
  • Understanding Coding with LEGO Mindstorms
  • Understanding Coding with LEGO WeDo
  • Understanding Coding with Minecraft
  • Understanding Coding with Python
  • Understanding Coding with Raspberry Pi
  • Understanding Coding with Scratch

Code Power: A Teen Programmer’s Guide Bundle

  • Getting to Know Alice
  • Getting to Know Arduino
  • Getting to Know Hackety Hack 
  • Getting to Know Lego Mindstorms
  • Getting to Know Python
  • Getting to Know Raspberry Pi
  • Getting to Know Ruby
  • Getting to Know Scratch

Tech Girls Bundle

  • Careers for Tech Girls in Computer Science
  • Careers for Tech Girls in Engineering
  • Careers for Tech Girls in Math
  • Careers for Tech Girls in Science
  • Careers for Tech Girls in Technology
  • Careers for Tech Girls in Video Game Development

Makerspaces Bundle

  • Getting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Build Robots
  • Getting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Build Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Getting the Most Out of Makerspaces Create with 3-D Printers
  • Getting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Explore Arduino & Electronics
  • Getting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Go from Idea to Market
  • Getting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Make Musical Instruments

New As of September 2019

  • Nature’s Grossest
  • Earth’s Environment in Danger
  • Little Biographies of Big People
  • A Look at Your Government
  • Cutest Animals That Could Kill You
  • Future Ready Project Skills
  • Let’s Find Out! Social Studies Skills
  • Makerspace Survival
  • Flowchart Smart
  • Crime Solvers
  • The Bad Kids in 4B
  • The Z Team
  • The Building Blocks of Life
  • Racial Literacy
  • Teen Voices: Real Teens Discuss Real Problems
  • The History of the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement
  • YA Verse

And several more titles!